Anatoliy Zalevsky


Anatoliy Zalevskyy is one of the foremost circusartist in his genre today. Born and had his education in Ukraine.
He has won prestigious medals from all over the world at different circus festivals, to name a few; A gold medal at Cirque du Demain in Paris 1998, The Gold Clown Statue in Monte Carlo 1999. One of his big dream came through to direct and star in his own production - Rizoma - The Show opened in Hamburg in 2000 and toured in Europe and had it's final season at the famous variety venue Wintergarten in Berlin 2007. The show with a cast of 18 circus artists and dancers was acclaimed by both the the German press and the audience.
Today is Anatoliy Zalevskyy a celeb and a respected artist, aswell as a director within the circus industry.

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